A Look Back and A Look Ahead

Happy 2012! Wow that seems crazy. I didn't start blogging until late in 2011 so I thought I would do a little look back at the year! FYI: this is another long one! Consider yourself warned!


  • I attended three days of the new year before going into tachycardia and being put in the hospital for two days. This was my first of many hospital stays.
  • We found out I had hyperthroidism.
  • We got snowed in
  • We painted the nursery
  • Celebrated my moms birthday
  • I begin bed rest at home
  • We find out I have a bulging sack and require surgery to get a cerclage
  • I continue bed rest but more strictly
  • March:
  • On March 12 I go into early labor and enter the hospital
  • I hope and pray and we make it past 24 weeks
  • April:
  • I celebrate Easter in the hospital
  • Bentley comes to visit me
  • I stay up having contractions and watch the royal wedding
  • I have magnesium sulfate and steroid shots
  • May:
  • I being having regular contractions
  • On May 3, I go into labor and it cannot be stopped
  • On May 4, easrly in the morning my sweet babies are born breathing on their own and require little intervention
  • I hold my babies for the first time
  • Emma and Levi get off CPAP
  • Emma contracts MRSA and is seprated from Levi
  •  June:
  • Levi and Emma get out of the incubators
  • Levi contracts MRSA and is moved to be with his sister
  • Emma and Levi are reunited!
  • Mommy holds Emma and Levi together for the first time
  • Emma and Levi go home one day apart after 52 and 53 days in the NICU
  • July:
  • Emma and Levi celebrate their two month birthday
  • We celebrate the fourth of july at home
  • Clayton and I celebrate our one year anniversary
  • We take the babies on their first walk
  • clayton turns 30
  • My mom goes back to work and I brave the babies alone
  • Emma and Levi have rice cereal
  • the babies ROP is cleared
  • September:
  • I turn 30
  • The babies start going to a pulmonologist
  • The babies receive their first RSV prevention shot
  • We begin staying at home more during cold/flu season
  • we got to the arboretum
  • We celebrate Halloween
  • Levi begins physcial therapy
  • nonny and poppy butch come to visit for Thanksgiving
  • Emma goes to the ER and has first ambulance ride
  • December:
  • We go see Santa
  • we celebrate Christmas at my parents house
  • Emma and Levi get their first colds
  • So here we are 2012! What a year 2011 was! It was both the hardest and greatest year of my life. I will never forget the year my sweet babies were born.  2012 brings promises of a great year and I am so excited to see what it brings.  Hope you all had a great holiday!

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  1. What a tough and exciting year it has been. 2012 is going to be great! it just has to. :)