A Christams Edition Phone Dump

I was intending on sitting down and writing a detailed Christmas post and I will at some point but with two sick babies I haven't had a minute. So here is a phone dump of our Christmas festivities! There is a lot so consider yourself warned! :)

Emma in her sassy shirt!

Big Bubba Man and his cool hair!

Christmas Jammies!

We went to home depot and apparently they loved it!

Emma has started sleeping on her tummy. not all the time but sometimes!

Levi and his Oscar the grouch!

Emma and our friend Hope!

Levi in his sock monkey hat!

Levi on his new rocker. Don't I look pretty! Ha!

Our Christmas card

Helping mommy bake for Christmas

One night Emma peed on herself and I grabbed Jammies. I guess I grabbed her brothers.

Emma got a baby for Christmas! She love her! Ha

Christmas Jammies

Santa aka daddy putting together Christmas presents on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning mimosa

Christmas day outfits

Daddy reading to Emma

this is the look I get from Levi when I feed Emma. Hes slightly attached to his mommy!

Our new playroom couch

Twin Love!

Playing with our new toys!

Whew! Did you make it through! I hope everyone had a happy holiday! 


Our Daily Schedule and My Soap Box

I wanted to blog about our daily schedule so that I can look back and remember what our days were like.So here is what a typical day at the Wilkerson house looks like!

8:00- wake babies up! Change diapers and clothes then have morning bottle

8:45-10:00 play time. Usually we play on the floor. Work on rolling over and sitting and then when they start to get sleepy we put them in their bouncers to play for a few minutes.

10-11 First attempt at nap. I say attempt because we have yet to conquer the blessed nap! Someday!

11:00- /eat lunch. Babies take a bottle and then have oatmeal and a fruit

11:45-1:00 play time

1-3 Second attempt at nap

3- snack which consists of a bottle

5:00- dinner which is a bottle and then rice cereal and a veggie

5:45-6:45 play time and try to keep them as happy as possible as this is when they get fussy

6:45- bath time

7:00- bottle and bed!

Lately the babies have had a hard time going to bed and they have been waking up a bunch. We are working on fixing this problem but usually once they go to bed they will sleep until the morning. Of course their are nights where one or both will wake up!  So this is what our days look like.

Now on to my soap box. I rarely complain or use this blog to vent but I figure this is my blog and what better place to vent my frustrations.  I have to admit that I tend to be an alarmist and I can be a bit paranoid so when I had my babies ten weeks early and then spent two weeks in the NICU I got a little concerned about germs. As we got closer to discharge each and every doctor and nurse talked with us about keeping our babies healthy. We warned about RSV and precautions we needed to take. 

As we've gotten closer to RSV season which extends from November to April we have chosen to take the necessary precautions to help reduce our exposure to RSV and other common illnesses that then to be out there during the winter. Per our doctors guidelines we stay away from large crowds. We do not take babies to Target, shopping malls, restaurants or church. Yes, I would love to be doing these things especially at this time of year but it is just not worth the risk. 

RSV can be a deadly disease for preemie babies especially ones like Levi who have asthma.  I am not willing to spend a few hours having fun  for the chance that my babies would get sick and end up in the hospital. We've done the hospital thing and it is not fun.

The reason for my soap box is that some people have chosen not to respect our wishes. I understand that there are people out there that do not have first hand experience with preemies but please do not question my judgement as a parent. I am only doing what I believe it best for my babies!  OK now I'm getting off my soap box! I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year and remembering the real reason for the season!


Friday Phone Dump

Happy Friday Friends! I hope yall had a good week. I was and am exhausted this week so here is a few pictures from our week.


Friday Phone Dump

Here are some pictures of my little ones!

Happy Friday People! We are going to see Santa Later! Can't wait!


Seven Month Weight Update

We went to the pulmanologist today and the babies were weighed.  They didn't get measured for length or head circumference but I thought I would update their weigths! 

Here is Daddy with the two naked babies!
So my teeny tiny girl Emma weighs: 13 lbs 10 oz
My chub a lub boy Levi weighs: 17 lbs 4 oz

They both got a good report at the doctor and got their third RSV prevention shot. Two more to go.
Happy Wednesday. Stay warm! We woke up to a dusting of snow! 


7 Months Old and Im in Denial

It's Sunday December 4 and my babies are 7 months old. How did this happen? Where have my teeny tiny babies gone?  I think it is even weirder that they have been home for five months. Maybe that is why it is still so weird to me that they are seven months old.  Slow down teeny tinies. Mommy is not ready for you to grow up!

During your seventh month we did a lot of fun things. Including:

  • we went to your NICU follow up with the Developmental pediatrician. Both of you did really well scoring between 4-5 months for everything. I was really happy. We go back in March!
  • We had your first Thanksgiving.
  • Emma had her first and hopefully last ambulance ride
  • We went to the pulmonologist. Levi your asthma is seems to be finally getting under control and you only need the breathing treatments every now and then.
  • Emma went shopping with mommy
  • We played with Aunt Jill lots of times
  • Nonny and Poppy Butch visited
  • We had your six month shots. Ouch

Some 7 month facts:

  • You have finally started rolling. You go from tummy to back and with a little help will go the other way
  • you love to be tickled
  • you love to be naked. you laugh whenever I get you undressed
  • You are doing much better with holding your head up during tummy time
  • you still aren't a fan of tummy time
  • you love your car walker but mommy only lets you be in it for short periods of times
  • we found out the hard way you are allergic to apples and pineapples.
  • you take four 6-8 oz bottles and eat two "meals" a day
  • you sleep through the night most nights. You go to bed around 7 and wake up anywhere between 6-8.
  • we are working on taking better naps. You are doing pretty well with your morning nap and then we struggle the rest of the day
  •  you are still doing physical therapy but i am thinking you wont need it much longer
  • You have started to be afraid of strangers. You stick that bottom lip out!
  • your eyes have started to change colors and are very similar to daddy's.
  • Your hair is still really dark and there is a lot of it

  • you are still teeny tiny. We are still adding extra calories to your milk so you hopefully catch up with big brother
  • you roll from tummy to back and the other way
  •  you are a busy body! we never know where we will find you in your crib
  • you are still the happiest baby and only cry is something is really wrong
  • You do awesome at tummy time and are trying to scoot
  • your eyes are still blue and I hope they stay that way
  •  you still barely have any hair
  • you try so hard to laugh but you just cant get the sound out. It sounds like a squeal
  • you love love love to suck on  your fingers. you still don't take a paci
  • you have started to like the exasaucer
  • you take four 6-8 oz bottles and have two "meals" a day
  • you are a great sleeper. You go to bed around 7 and wake up between 6-8.
  • You are a pretty good napper but sometimes you just want to hang out.\

Neither would smile for their pictures. We will take some more later.  7 Month stats will be added after we go to the doctor on Tuesday.

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The Whole Helmet Story

A few housekeeping issues:

1. The new picture at the top of the blog was taken by my very good friend Jill Dyer. You can find her at http://www.johnjillhope.blogspot.com/.
2. Sassified Bows now has Holiday bows.  Please visit our shop at www.facebook.com/sassifiedbows to place an order!

Now on to the helmet story.

I can't remember where we left off last time but here is a little recap. We were trying the helmet. Levi HATED it. I don't even know if HATE is a strong enough word. He cried all the time. Not just crying but screaming, thrashing and pulling at his helmet.  So we were taking it slow trying to ease him into it. Even though the freaking helmet people wanted us to right away have him in it 23 hours a day. They don't have to live with the screaming so we were doing it our way. I was not convinced that the helmet was not causing him pain. Well we ended up missing an appointment because the little guy was sick so we ended up canceling and then it was thanksgiving so yes, we missed a whole week. I know this was probably a bad choice but I am not taking a child who has a weakened immune system out with a cold with the chance he could get something worse.  So anyway we went back this past Tuesday. A long story short we ended up yelling at the helmet people because they were trying to blame Clayton and I for his not wearing the helmet.  Not cool people not cool. So they ended up taking pictures of him in his helmet and sending them to the design team. They called me later that day to report that the helmet was in fact causing him pressure.  So we had two options. One make a new helmet and we would have to pay the entire fee again or stop treatment. Well we are not paying the money again so we chose to stop treatment. So we are trying to be OK with the shape of his head. So there you have it. The Whole Helmet Story!