Project 365- Week 3

Before we get going on this weeks Project 365 I wanted to let everyone know about my awesome new blog design. Tiffany from TKC designs did it and I love it! You can find her here

I have linked up again with Laura for Project 365! 

Day 15:

Day 16:

Day 17:

Day 18:

Day 19:

Day 20:

Day 21:


Hope you all had an awesome week!




  1. Your twins are precious!! My LL is learning to sit up on her own as well. I love watching them learn new things. : )

    1. Thanks girl! I love watching them discover! It's amazing to see everything through their eyes!

  2. It was much needed! It such a nice escape! I never have really taken baths before but my good friend Jill convinced me how relaxing they can be!