16 Months Old

On Tuesday September 4th Emma and Levi are 16 months old! My husband keeps telling me that they are toddlers but I refuse to call them toddlers for at least two more months! I really just want them to stay my babies forever!

During your 16 month we:

  • went to the urologist
  • celebrated daddy's birthday
  • went to the allergist
  • went on a play date with Avery and Harper
  • went to your 15 mo appointment
  • went to Aunt Stacey's house
  • went to Red, hot and blue
  • went to the Olive Garden
  • went to Apple bees
  • Went to Rudy's and the outlet mall
  • Nonny visited
Emma at 16 months you:

  • weigh about 19 lbs
  • Wear size 12 mo clothes and some 18 mo
  • wear size 3 diapers during the day and size 5 at night
  • eat most foods but are having an issue with Ranch!
  • Drink about 16-24 oz of whole milk a day
  • Prefer fruit to veggies
  • say momma, dada, bubba, maymay (mimi), roar, woof, whos that, bye bye, baba, nightnight, more, help, apple,
  • love to walk around
  • love to get on the couch
  • love books, shape sorters, mickey mouse, pictures of people and going outside
  • You don't like to have your diaper or clothes changed and aren't a fan of having your face cleaned

Levi at 16 months you:

  • weight about 24 lbs
  • wear size 4 diaper during the day and size 5 at night
  • Take two naps most days but are switching to one
  • drink 24-30 oz of milk a day. you are obsessed with milk
  • like most foods
  • say momma, dada, and no
  • love to climb
  • love to get on the couch
  • love the dogs, playing outside, balls, books, and throwing things
  • don't like to have your diaper changed, or being told no
  • are starting to have temper tantrums! ugh


Scentsy Party

Hello All! I hope you had a great Labor Day! I have two sick babies so I'm dropping by to tell you about a Scentsy Party that one of my favorite people is hosting!  My online buddy Ashley who you may know as the Pumpkin Butter Girl is hosting an online Scentsy Party for me!  So head on over to her party and show here some love! We have a lot of great scentsy products right now since the new Fall/ Winter Catalog just came out! 

You can read her post here and make sure to go shop away! If you have any questions please let me know! I hope you all have a great week and once these sweet babies are feeling better I will be back to blogging! But until then here is a sweet picture I took of them recently!