Wednesday Randoms

Here is what is floating around my brain right now:

  • I am really tired this week! I don't know why but there is not enough coffee to make me wake up
  • I am so thankful that we have a week off from physical therapy, doctors and stuff to do. It's nice to stay at home.
  • It was nice to have Clayton be able to play with us on Monday! We love our daddy!
  • I'm thinking of doing a redo on my blog!
  • I am having to stay off facebook because the sales are way too tempting!
  • I am participating in project 365 and I am really excited about it
  • My BFF Lindsey might be coming to visit this weekend and I am so excited!!!!
  • I have a blog post floating around in my head but I need the confidence, courage and straight up balls to right it!
  • I am ready to start working out again! I need it!
  • I want to start cooking in the crock pot! Any recipe suggestions?
  • I have decided on a theme for the twins birthday and I am so excited! I know its a little early but I don't exactly have a lot of time to plan each day and I know if I leave it until the last minute it won't get done!
  • I watch wayyyy too many shows on TV! Hnmm should I give up some shows for lent??? Aghhh!
  • Im worried Im starting to get sick! stay away sickies!!!
Happy Wednesday peeps! 

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