Blog Sale

Here we go again friends! I am linking up for the blog sale. .  Here is how this is going to work!  If you would like an item please email me with the number of the item and the words "Blog Sale" in the subject line. You can comment here but I will check my email more often. Items will be sold on a first come first serve basis.  As far as shipping goes I will charge $2.50 for the first item and $.50 for every item after that. All items are in excellent condition meaning no stains and minimal wash wear.   If you have any questions please comment or email me.  My email is thewilkersonway@gmail.com.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

1. (SOLD)Smocked Auctions Flag bubble size 12m Worn Twice $15.00

2. Anavini Gingerbread smocked set size 18m $17.00

3. Brown and White Emma set size 12m $12.00

4. Baby Gap Apple Jacket size 6-12m $10.00

5. Genuine Baby spring dress size 12m $7.00

6. Rare Editions pink smocked dress with tie in back Size 6m $15.00

7. Stellybelly lady bug jumper size 12m $12.00

8. Smocking Bug Monkey dress Size 12m $12.00

9. Matilda Jane top size 12m $12.00

10. Matilda Jane leggings size 12m $10.00

11. Smockadot kids pink corduroy top and pants with E Size 12m $18.00

12. Anavini Red Corduroy Christmas Tree Bishop Size 12m $15.00

13. Carters dress Size 12m $7.00

Happy Shopping!


  1. Does the red Christmas tree run big like most smocked outfits? My daughter will be 12 mo in May but she's running about three months behind in regular clothes and little more than that in smocked outfits. BTW I'm a mom of b/g twins too so nice to meet you! I don't blog much right now b/c I'm giving myself a break until I stop breastfeeding but I'll sign up to follow you. Thanks! Tori

  2. I'll buy 1 and 8 if they're not sold! Paypal email is rachel.e.ware@gmail.com