The Details

So now that you all know that we are expecting our third baby I thought I would clue you in on the details!

How many weeks are you? I am 10 weeks a long.

When is the baby due? The baby is due July 13 which is one day before Emma and Levi were due. It is also my sisters birthday!

How many babies is it? Just one!

How are you feeling? Not that great but not as bad as with the twins and my good friend Zofran helps!

Cravings: fruit, ice cream, milkshakes, Mexican food! 

Was this baby planned: No, but this baby is such a great surprise and we are so very excited!

The Plan: my doctor is optimistic that I can carry this baby farther than the twins.  Of course I am at a higher risk for complications and will be monitored very closely. 

Heart rate at first sono: the heart rate was 155! So what do you think boy or girl!

So there you have it!  I am hoping to start doing weekly bump-dates when I get to be 12 weeks and hopefully by then I wont feel like death as much! Thank you so much for all the well wishes and congrats. We are excited to share this journey with you and we ask that you will pray for a healthy and LONG pregnancy! 

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