So What Wednesday

I've taken a break from So What for a few weeks but we are back saying so what to lots of things. So here is what I am saying so what to today.

So What Wednesday
So what:
- If I stayed up way too late the other night watching a giraffe give birth
-if I had already packed up my kids summer clothes and am having to pull them out because it is hot again
- if I desperately need some winter clothes
-if I am already planning Emma and Levi's second birthday
-if I am dreading a 7 hour car ride with the babies. Praying it goes smoothly
-I am so ready for this election to be over
-if I am obsessed with the new Taylor Swift song! 
-when I check the mail I only get out the catalogs and leave the rest in the mail box
So go link up and share what you are saying So What to this week!


Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday we made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. We tried out a different pumpkin patch this year. It was OK but I think the babies enjoyed themselves. So without further ado here is a picture overload of our pumpkin patch trip.

Levi in the hay maze
Emma in the hay maze 
Trying to get a family picture 
 Petting animals
"Mommy, what is that thing?" 
 Levi loved this guy!
Emma picking out the perfect pumpkin. 
 "I think I will ride the pumpkins, mommy!"
Mommy and Levi
Daddy and Emma in the bounce house! 
 Lunch after at Fire House Subs! yum
Hope you all are enjoying this lovely fall weather! 


Dallas Aroboretum

Recently we made our way to the Dallas Arboretum.  Unlike last year we had a great time.  If you are new here or just want to catch up you can read about our trip to the arboretum last year here. It was not so much fun. But I am happy to say this year we had a great time. 

We left our house around 9:30 and headed to the Arboretum. When we got there we had to wait in a long line because ofcourse we chose to go on Columbus Day when a lot of the local schools were out for the day.  Even though it was crowded we had a great time.

The babies (yes, they are still my babies) had an awesome time exploring the pumpkin patch and loved picking their own tiny little pumpkins. We then walked around and explored the Chihuly exhibit. It was gorgeous. I highly recommend going to see it if you are in the Dallas area. 

Finaly we sat down for a picnic lunch. Let me rephrase that. The adults tried to sit down while running around chasing the kids who refused to sit and eat lunch!  After that it was time to head home with two tired babies!  We had a great day and I look forward to making this a yearly trip! 



Poor sweet Emma has had a few instances when Emma has broken out in hives. The first time it happened it totally freaked me out. We went to the pediatrician and was referred to an allergist. We went to the allergist and she was tested for the typical food allergies such as peanuts, fish, milk, egg, etc. 

All the tests came back negative. We were perplexed but moved onto other things. Once again it happened. The only new food she had eaten that day was ranch.  I called the allergist and she said to stay away from ranch. 

A few weeks later I absentmindedly gave her ranch again. And boom there were the hives.  Hmm. very weird. So once again we went back to the allergist and you better believe that I brought that ranch bottle with me.  They ended up testing her for onion, garlic and straight ranch. Boom! Straight ranch did it! So we have an answer and Miss Emma is allergic to ranch.

We are going back in a few weeks for some further testing. I (and dr. google) are wondering about MSG. But we will also be looking at other things including the flu shot which she has reacted to before. 

So I will keep you posted and if you have any advice about food allergist please let me know! 


A First Haircut

My sweet Levi has been needing a haircut for some time but I have been putting it off because truth be told I was/am a little sad about it! My baby boy is growing up and it freaks me out just a little. I wanted his sweet little baby hair to stay forever!  But because I prefer my baby not to have a mullet I decided it was time to get his hair cut.  So off we went.

We arrived at one of those kiddy hair salons and in we went.  You would think that the people working there would be good with kids but unfortunately we got the one lady who was a stick in the mud.  If you know anything about my sweet boy, then you know he is a shy one and can be a bit timid. He needed someone who is loving and who would make him feel comfortable.  Oh well, hopefully next time!

Overall it went well and he didn't cry too many tears.  I think it looks good but he definitely looks way too old for my liking! I won't be getting his hair cut again anytime soon! 


A Blog Day of Silence

Today we are remembering Matt Turner.  Today is a blog/twitter day of silence. We will use this day to remember to pray for Julee and her family.  This whole family needs us to carry them through today , tomorrow and the days to come. 

Please take a moment and say a prayer for this family!  I believe in the power of prayer and I know we can all make a difference in the grief that they are experiencing. 



I had a post planned for today but yesterday (Sunday) I heard the news about a tragic death.  A twitter and blog friend Julee lost her husband in a car wreck late Saturday night. I am just absolutely sick to my stomach about this. I cannot imagine what sweet Julee and her precious ten month old baby girl is experiencing. So today I ask that you pray for this family.  You can read their blog here

 A few girls have set up a way to send flowers to this family. If you would like to know more you can read about it here.


I am also donating 30 % of my profits for this month from any Scentsy orders.  Please go to my website and shop away. All funds will be donated to the Preslee Turner College Fund.  awilkerson.scentsy.us

You can also go to www.jennablogs.com to see other ways you can help! 

Julee- May God wrap his arms around you and provide the comfort that only He can. You are in my constant thoughts and prayers. 


17 Months Old {Toddlers}

Ok so I think we've finally gotten to the point where I can no longer call them babies but I must call them toddlers! So crazy to me! I have two toddlers! Whoa! As of October 4th the babes are 17 months old.  Here is what life looks like for a 17 month old at our house.


Weight: around 20 lbs
Diapers: Size 3 during the day and size 5 at night
Clothes: Finally wearing 12-18 mo
Shoes: Wearing a 4 but will be in a 5 soon
Hair: Brown and CURLY
Eyes: Still blue
Teeth:5 working on three more
Sleep: Taking one nap a day and sleeps from 8 -9 at night)
Food: loves fruit, ice cream, yogurt, baked beans, cheddar bunnies
Words: momma, more, dada, bubba, woof, ball, help, what's that, rawr, cat, (Im' starting to loose track)
Likes: reading books, mickey mouse, pushing buttons, playing outside, swinging, puzzles, legos
Dislikes: sleeping, taking medicine, sitting still, baths, elevators, trash trucks


Weight:around 24 lbs
Diapers: Size 4 during the day and 5 at night
Clothes: 18 mo some 24
Shoes: 4.5
Hair: Dark brown and wavy
Eyes: Brown
Teeth: 6 working on four more
Sleep: takes one nap a day and sleeps 8-9 at night
Food: loves most food but doesn't like ice cream
Words: mum mum, dada, more, done, no
Likes: Climbing, mickey mouse, cars, balls, playing outside, play peek a boo
Dislikes: being told no, big dogs,

This month :

  • went to mimi's house
  • Celebrated mommy's birthday
  • went on a play date with Keaton
  • played with our cousins
  • went to Toys r us
  • Went to the book store
  • Ate at Twisted Roote, Fuzzy tacos, Palios, Paradise bakery
  • Emma went to the Urologist

At 17 months Emma is happy and adventurous. She loves to climb and eat snacks. She is starting to show signs of temper tantrums and definitely knows what she likes and doesn't like.  We call her Sassafrass and Sassy.  We love watching this stubborn, determined girl figure out the world!

At 17 months Levi is such a ham. He loves to do his cheese face and laugh. He loves his doggies and is very snuggly.  Levi is such a sweet boy and can be very shy in new situations. Once he warms up though he is back to his goofy self. We call this boy bubba and little man! We love him so and can't wait to see what he does in the world!


Climbing To The Top

It's a good thing I chose to do a monkey theme for my twins first birthday because boy they sure have become monkeys! Every time I turn around the are climbing on something!  It's like I gave birth to two little Evil Knievels.  They are giving me heartburn with every climb.

It started out innocently enough with a chair climb.

Oh my little climbers! Hope they always aim high and lets hope that we don't end up in the ER any time soon! 



Hey friends! We are still around! Just been busy and I have been feeling in a blogging rut so I took a break and am back!  So here we go with a picture dump to catch you up on what we have been up to!

We have been:

Going on dates,
Cleaning out the fridge,
Helping with laundry,
staying up all night,
getting bit by dogs,
playing with daddy,
taking our first bath without our bath chairs,
playing at the park,
and cheering on the cowboys!
Woo, we have been busy! What have you been up to?