Sunda Edition Phone Dump

Here are some lovely iphone pics from this past week. Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Emma and Levi snuggling before bath time.

Emma playing

Levi in the exasaucer. Naked because he spit up everywhere!

Cute Levi sleeping. I love that he is laying on his side.

Using his big boy cup.

Poor Levi had no clothes because homeboy is growing too fast! Mommy went on a little shopping spree and snuck in an Emma outfit too!

Sweet Emma girl!

Emma in her cute tutu outfit!

Bubba man in his car!

I love these little squirts! 


  1. They are such cutie patooties!

  2. They are just too cute for words!!! I love seeing all the photos you take!! They are so lucky to have a mom who captures all this fun!