A day in the life

Our days are busy around here! I thoughtni would share what our daily life is like.

7-8 am babies wake up for breakfast. Clayton and I each feed a baby. When done feeding clayton gets busy working whilemi entertain babies.
9-10/11 babies nap(I use the the term nap loosely. This time usually consists of me switching back and forth between which one is awake. I would love to say that we were blessed with great sleepers but no such luck. Between reflux, tummy issues, and the twin thing we are working on the sleeping thing.)
11- I get bottles ready and start changing diapers. Clayton comes to help with the feeding
When we are done with the feeding which usually takes thirty minutes and then requires us to hold them upright for thirty minutes because of reflux. When we are done with thus Clayton goes back to work and I play with the babies for about thirty minutes and then try to get them to nap. While they are napping I try ti shovel in some food.
2- another feeding. Repeat the above
5- cereal and bottle. We have just started rice cereal and it is going well. In the next day or two we will start cereal in the morning as well. It's just so hard with two cranky babies.

A quick update. Last week we made our second trip to children's er. This time it was for Levi. Sweet little guy has been wheezing and the other night when we were doing bath time it got really bad. So off we went. My sister came and stayed with Emma and they had a great time. After some awful tests they determined that he's wheezing from reflux. Oh how I love reflux! Not really. It is awful! They let us go home but the next day we were back at the de for an upper gi study to make sure the reflux was not going in his lungs. Luckily it's not. He still wheezes and I'm considering getting a second opinion from a different d but thats another post. Other than that they are both doing well. Levi weighed 11lbs11oz at the hospital. Im not sure how much Emma weighs! TheyHave both started smiling and it is oh so cute!

I hope you all are doing well!


Random thoughts

We have been busy around here with the babies. Here are a few random thoughts I wanted to share.

  • We went to the eye doctor today and both babies got cleared as patients.  WOO HOO!!! I could not be happier about this. The eye doctor appointments are pure torture for the babies and I'm so happy to not have to go back.
  • My mom went back to work this week so I am going it alone during the day. Now let me say I am completely blessed with a husband who works from home and can help me feed the babies!  I have not yet figured out how to feed them by myself. They are both still so high maintenance with feedings because of tummy issues that it is hard to go it alone. But I am hoping to start doing this soon!
  • Emma went on her first outing to a restaurant. I took Emma to eat with me and my friend Jenny. She hated it and pretty much screamed the whole time. Luckily the restaurant we were at was pretty loud and our waitress was understanding and got us out of there quick.
  • Both babies went up to school with me. I took them both by myself to school the other day to visit the teachers. It went well only because there were so many wonderful women there to hold them.
  • Levi has started rolling over!!!  He has only done it a hand full of times but we are working on it.  Emma is showing signs she will soon too!
  • I have been a ETSY freak lately. A lot of the sights are having back to school sales so I have been stocking up on cute things for the babies.
That's all I can think of right now!  Here are a few pics:

Emma in her tutu!

Emma and Levi like to lay on mommy and daddy's bed! Don't worry they don't sleep on their tummies unless we are watching them.

The babies went on their first walk!  it was actually cool enough one night. We haven't gotten to go on another one yet because it is too hot!  That's what we get for living in Texas!

I found this picture of the babies right after they were born!  So tiny and sweet.

Go Cowboys!

I hope you all are having a great week!


Professional Pictures

A few weeks ago we had the babies "newborn" pictures done by a wonderful photographer. Her name is Narci and you can find her website at http://www.narcidphotography.com/.  Here are a few of the pictures! I am absolutley in love with them and if you are looking for a photographer you should use her!


Three Months Old

On August 4th, Emma and Levi are three months old. I cannot believe it.  It still feels like yesterday that I was in the hospital waiting to have them.  So much has changed and I have loved every minute of it. Yes, it has been extremely hard, from leaving the babies in the NICU to the sleepless nights to figuring out this reflux thing. But with that being said I am eternally grateful for these two little lives I have been blessed with.  Every time I get frustrated I remind myself how close we came to loosing them and it helps me to put htings in perspective. There are so many families out there who have lost children or who have children that are sick. I feel so blessed that these babies are healthy. 

We have had a very eventful couple of weeks.  Emma and Levi had their first eye doctor appointment.  Both babies have a mild form of ROP which means that the blood vessels in their eyes are premature.  Let me tell you the eye doctor for a baby is like pure torture.  They hold them down and put these little prong things in their eyes to hold them open.  I have never heard either of them cry so hard. The doctor thinks that both babies ROP will correct itself as they grow.  We go back for a checkup on the 18th and I am not excited at all. 

Emma had her first trip to the emergency room. A few weeks ago Emma started running a fever and after a couple of days she developed a rash.  Because they are premature we have to be extra careful when they get infections.  Luckily after an afternoon in the ER at children's we were sent home. She just had a viral infection.  I am hoping to not return to the ER for a very long time. 

The babies had their first professional photo shoot.  These were considered their newborn photos. I am waiting to see them but I think they are going to turn out super cute!!  Thanks Narci for taking them for us!

Here are the babies three month letters:

Dear Emma~

You are my little angel.  You are so sweet and love to be held.  You also love to be rocked.  We are working on putting you down when you are still slightly awake so that you will learn to fall asleep without me rocking you.  I love you more and more each day and I cannot wait to see you grow up. Here are your three month stats:

Weight- 8 lbs 13 oz
Height- 20 in
Diapers= Size 1
Clothes- 0-3

You are currently eating similac sensitive and taking prevacid twice a day.  We are hoping that this will help to solve your tummy trouble.  You are starting to be awake more often and like to play on your play mat.  You don't mind doing tummy time but it is not your favorite.  You love to get a bath but don't like to get out and be naked.  You rarely cry except for when you are really hungry and even then it doesn't compare to your brothers screams.  You are starting to focus on objects and faces better and I am waiting for the day when I get to see you smile! Iou grab onto my shirt when I hold you and I love it! I love you Emma Bug! I feel blessed to be your mommy!

Dear Levi~

You are such a funny little man. You are very particular and stubborn!  When you are hungry you want it immediately and scream like you have never been fed before.  You make the funniest faces and love to cuddle.  You definitely like to be rocked and prefer to be held while you sleep.  Here are your three month stats:

Weight- 9 lbs 7 oz
Height- 20 in
Diapers- Size 1
Clothes- 0-3 months

You are starting to also be awake more and like to be read to. You love to lay on your play mat or in your bouncy seat and look at the waterfall.  You hate to take a bath. You don't like to be naked and hate to have your diaper changed also. You are currently eating similac sensitive and taking prevacid twice a day.  We know your lungs work because you can cry with the best of them. I love you little Levi and I feel blessed to be your mommy!

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks.  I am so excited to see our professional pictures soon and will post them as soon as I get them!