Emma and Levi's Birth Story Part 2 and an Update

So when we left off last time I left with what was happening around 9 o'clock. I started having contractions again for the second time that day but wasn't thinking much about them since I had been having them for days.  But before I tell you the rest of the story let me tell you a few things first.

Earlier in the week we found out the hard way that I am basically allergic to not one but two of the only medicines that they have to stop contractions.  This will come into play later in the birth story. 

I had a terrible UTI.  I hadn't really gone to the bathroom for several hours. The nurses suspected that this was part of what was causing the contractions.

So anyway.  As the rest of the evening went on the contractions were getting worse and I was beginning to get worried. I called Clayton and told him to come back to the hospital. I also called my mom and told her to be on standby.  By the time Clayton got to the hospital  the contractions were in full force.  I got another shot of pain medicine which they hoped would stop the contractions.  Well around midnight with the contractions being about one minute a part I was wheeled down to labor and delilvery to receive the magnesium that could be one of the worst things ever. I was not happy about this and Clayton was sensing my destress. He called my mom and told her to head to the hospital.  While in labor and delivery I was hooked up to the magnesium but was still having major contractions. You see magnesium is supposed to help stop contractions. Well it was NOT working. I was in extreme pain.  I never thought I would be one of those women who cried out in pain but I was out of mind.  I don't know how woman have natural child birth. More power to them.  I was literally crying out for help and something to relieve the pain.  I started to feel a lot of pressure and after much convincing the doctor decided to check me to see if I was dialating more.  In fact I was and the decision was made to head for the OR.  A few minutes later the epidural woman came in and she could not work fast enough. Well the epidural did not work.  I was in so much pain that they had to move me around.  I was wheeled into the OR and they gave me a spinal .  Well this didn't work right away either.  The doctor kept having to give me doses of medicine to get it to work. Finally I was completely numb.  The next thing I knew I heard Levi cry. Such a tiny sound and all I could ask was if he was ok.  The I felt a lot of pressure as they were trying to turn Emma to get her out.  Then two minutes after I heard the greatest sound ever I heard the second greatest sound ever. Emma cried out!  Both babies were doing well. Clayton got to hold them and he showed me our babies. I barely remember this as I was highly drugged at this point. 

I woke up later in recovery and was wheeled to see the babies.  I was already so in love with these sweet little people.  Levi William joined the world on May 4 at 4:43 am and Emma Gentry came shortly after at 4:45 am. 

Levi and Emma are doing well. Both will be in the NICU for several weeks.  I cannot wait for the day when I can bring my babies home.  Both babies are breathing on their own and have been since birth.  They were recently taken off the CPAP machine and only have a little oxygen.  They both had their IV's taken out and are getting rid of their jaundice. 

Today we found out the sweet little Emma has contracted MRSA which if you don't know is a staph infection that is resistent to most antibiotics.  The MRSA is only in her nose and is not an infection right now.  She will start antibiotics tomorrow and has been moved to a different section of the NICU with other babies who have this.  There is a high chance that Levi could get it but as of right now he has tested negative.  We are praying that Emma will not get the infection and will not have any symptoms of MRSA. 

I have been told by many people to expect ups and downs with preemie babies.  We are trying to stay positive and be thankful that they have done so well. 

Here are a few of the latest pictures!



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  1. Hi Amanda,

    I stumbled upon your blog this morning and wanted to let you know we will be praying for Levi and Emma. They are so very adorable and you are so blessed to have them. We would love for you to join us if you are interested http://www.facebook.com/PreemiePrintsnational. If you are on facebook this is a private group for past and present NICU families. It is a great place to find other families with similar journeys. We also have a prayer wall with a national prayer team praying for our preemies. I'd love to add the twins if you would like. Just email me at amber@preemieprints.org if you'd like to be added. www.preemieprints.org is our website. I hope to hear from you. Stay strong they will be home soon. God bless!

    Great job on the blog & pictures! So very important! :)

    Amber Collier
    Founder/Preemie Mom
    Preemie Prints