Wednesday Randoms

Randomness Bullet Style:

  • The babies have been doing better napping and also sleeping at night. Thank goodness because this momma is tired!
  • Have you signed up for the app my fitness pal. Its great. It tracks your calories and exercise! I'm tyring to be more healthy and loose this baby weight!
  • I'm officially addicted to TV and twitter. I'm trying to cut back on both!
  • Also I'm officially addicted to shopping for the babies. I am trying to sell some of their clothes that they have outgrown. I may do a blog sale soon.
  • I finally got Christmas taken down and put away. The house just doesn't look as cheerful without all the cute stuff!
  • I feel like the babies have been teething for months! When will those teeth ever come in and leave my babies alone!
  • This morning we woke up to Levi sleeping on his belly! So cute!
  • Tomorrow I have a Dr apt ! Boo!
  • Here are a few more pics of my sweet baby!

    Happy Wednesday Peeps!


  1. So your babies start sleeping good and mine start fighting sleep. We need them to sync up so we can be BOTH get some sleep! haha!