Emma and Levi's Birth Story Part 1

So I havent been able to write this mainly because I am exhausted and also because it is hard to remember.  So for many days before the babies arrived I was having contractions.  For three nights in a row they would start up in the middle of the night and last for a couple of hours. They were pretty bad and they would wake me from sleep.  Each time I would call my nurses and they would give me a shot of mainly pain medicine. You see my body is allergic to the one drug that they can give you to stop contractions. Nice!  So luckily each night with the pain medicine the contractions would stop or at least calm down a bit. These contractions resulted in two late night trips to the hospital by Clayton who finally decided he would be spending the night with me. 

On Tuesday morning after all the contractions my doctor decided I needed to have a sonogram to see if I was dialating anymore.  I went to my sonogram and sure enough the doctor couldn't see any more cervix.  We all knew it would probably be a matter of days and hopefully weeks.  As soon as I got back to my room I started having contractions.  They got pretty strong and were coming five minutes a part. So they went for another shot!  Let me tell you at the time I thought these shots were really painful but I would later find out that they were nothing. Luckily the shot worked! At this time it was around noon and I was exhausted. The nurse said she wouldn't be surprised it they started up again later in the day. 

My mom came to the hospital after school and we did our normal evening routine. We had dinner and watched TV. Clayton finally decided to go home to see the dogs and shower and my mom left for the evening around 9.

Sure enough shortly after they both left I started having contractions. They werent regular and weren't strong so I wasn't worried.  Little did I know what would be happening later that night.

To Be Continued....

Here are a few pics of the babies.  FYI: the babies look more fragle than they are. There are a lot of wires and tubes but they are doing great and most of it is just a precaution. We are hoping to take them off the CPAP tomorrow and also to get their IV out! Praise GOD!

Daddy and Emma


Levi and Mommy

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