8 Months Old

Holy time flies batman!  Emma and Levi are 8 months old today. I cannot believe it. Yes, yes I say it every month but 8 months just seems so old!  My little munchkins are growing up and it's freaking this mama out!  Slow down teeny tinies! So here is some 8 month info to blow your minds!

8 month stats:

Weight: 14 lbd 13 oz
Diaper: ;size 3
Clothes: 6-9 months

weight:18 lbs 3.5 oz
Diaper: size 3
clothes: 9-12 months

During your 8 month we:
  • Celebrated Christmas
  • Saw Santa
  • Nonny and Poppy Butch visited
  • We to the pulmonalogist
  • Levi and Emma had a cold
  • Went to Aunt Stacey's and Uncle Benji's
  • Went to Home Depot
  • Played at Jill's
  • Went to Miss Courtney's house
  • went to the outlet mall
  • went to toys r us
  • Levi went to the GI Dr.

Emma's Life at 8 Months:

  • her baby doll
  • snuggling
  • staying awake
  • all foods
  • making noises
  • bath time
  • Lots of people
  • going to sleep
  • having a stuffy nose
  • sitting still
8 month development:
  • rolling both ways
  • practicing sitting up
  • eating lots of fruits and veggies
  • tried meat for the first time
  • laughed for the first time
  • you eat 4-5 bottles of 6-8 oz of similac sensitive formula
  • you are eating two meals a day
  • you hair is coming in more!
  • your eyes are still blue
Levi at 8 months:

  • being held by his mommy
  • being tickled
  • eating
  • all foods
  • his puppies
  • the exasaucer
  • being alone
  • waiting for food
  • being put down
  • sleeping
  • having your nose sucked

 8 month development:
  • rolling over
  • sitting up for a few seconds
  • lots of fruit and veggies
  • tried meats for the first time
  • 4-5 bottles of 6-8 oz of similac sensitive
  • you eat two meals a day
  • you are doing much better at tummy time
  • your are definitely teething but no teeth yet!

Here are your 8 month pics:


  1. Soooo sweet!!! They are soo cute and I adore their ensembles!! Such well dressed babes!!

  2. OhMy!!! You're little ones are so cute!!! Love the pics :) how fun!