Professional Photos

Recently we had professional pictures taken of the kids.They were taken by the wonderful Narci Dreffs.  We did a joint session with my niece and nephew! Here are a few of my favorites. I am saving my absolute favorite for Christmas cards which I will share if I ever get them ordered!

Funny Story about this one! Clayton and I were not planning on being in the pictures. Our wonderful photographer had us do a few to get the kids more comfortable which is why we look like bums! Ha!


18 Months Old

So I am way late on this post!  Life has been busy lately but I wanted to document their 18 month.  So here goes.

Weight: 21 lbs 6oz
Height: 31 in 1/2
Diapers: Size 4 during the day and 5 at night
Clothes: mostly 18 months
Shoe: 4.5
Eyes: still blue
Hair: getting longer and curly! Still brown
Words: too many to count
Likes: reading books, playing blocks, being outside, fruit, climbing, mmch, the ipad
Dislikes: veggies, sleeping, being still, bath time

Weight: 24 lbs 6oz
Height: 32 1/2 in
Diapers: Size 4 during the day and 5 at night
Clothes: Mostly 18mo some 24 mo
Shoes: size 5`
Eyes: brown
Hair: Brown
Words: mama, dada, no, that, who's that, woof, all done
Likes: playing cars, climbing, being outside, mmch, being chased, his horse
Dislikes: changing diaper, being told no,

During your 18 mo we:
  • played with Keaton
  • went to the park a lot
  • Nonny and Poppy visited
  • went to Uncle Richards Birthday party
  • had your checkup
  • went to the pumpkin patch
  • went trick or treating
  • went to toys r us

These past 18 months have flown by and I cannot believe we are only 6 months away from your second birthday! You two are the light of my life and I love being your mommy! 


A Pumpkin Patch and Halloween 2012

We visited yet another pumpkin patch recently!  I got some really cute pictures but they weren't really into the pumpkins.

Last night we had Halloween!  Emma and Levi had a blast. I don't really think they understood why we were going to all of our neighbors houses but they sure had fun and they looked so adorable!!!!!
Here is a picture from last year to refresh your memory of what they looked like last year.
Cute little skeletons! My what a difference a year makes! Introducing Mickey and Minnie!
I mean really! Have you seen anything cuter? I just love them so much!
Off to the clubhouse!
And the outtakes!
I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween! Mickey and Minnie did!