Project 365

I decided to participate in Project 365. You take a picture every day for a year to documment how you are living. Im excited but honestly we will see how long it lasts! I take tons of pictures with my phone so Im hoping to get better taking them with my actual camera. So with no further ado here goes the first two weeks of project 365!

January 1: actual this is new years eve but we still were doing this on Jan. 1. C and I went on a date with out good friends for new years and had a blast!

January 2: the babes enjoying some pre bath playtime.

Jan. 3- Emma G playing

Jan 4: Daddy made Emma look like a pilgrim

Jan 5: we woke up to Levi sleeping like this and I thought it was so cute!

Jan 6: Levi learning to drink out of the big boy cup!

Jan 7: mommy went on a shopping spree and bought some stuff for sweet Levi who has outgrown all his clothes and now wears mostly 12 mo! WOW

Jan 8: Emma girl playing after breakfast

Jan 9: our first time to try baby Mum Mums! They were a huge hit

Jan 10: Levi has been sitting better and better

Jan 11: Emma has become fascinated with the phone

Jan 12: love this little man

Jan 12: Big boy sitting

Jan 13: mommy and Emma watching TV

Im linking up with Laura for Project 365!