A Christams Edition Phone Dump

I was intending on sitting down and writing a detailed Christmas post and I will at some point but with two sick babies I haven't had a minute. So here is a phone dump of our Christmas festivities! There is a lot so consider yourself warned! :)

Emma in her sassy shirt!

Big Bubba Man and his cool hair!

Christmas Jammies!

We went to home depot and apparently they loved it!

Emma has started sleeping on her tummy. not all the time but sometimes!

Levi and his Oscar the grouch!

Emma and our friend Hope!

Levi in his sock monkey hat!

Levi on his new rocker. Don't I look pretty! Ha!

Our Christmas card

Helping mommy bake for Christmas

One night Emma peed on herself and I grabbed Jammies. I guess I grabbed her brothers.

Emma got a baby for Christmas! She love her! Ha

Christmas Jammies

Santa aka daddy putting together Christmas presents on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning mimosa

Christmas day outfits

Daddy reading to Emma

this is the look I get from Levi when I feed Emma. Hes slightly attached to his mommy!

Our new playroom couch

Twin Love!

Playing with our new toys!

Whew! Did you make it through! I hope everyone had a happy holiday! 

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  1. Love all your pictures! And that second set of Christmas jammies? Adorbs!