Wednesday Randoms

  • Yesterday Levi therapy. We were excited to show the PT his new rolling skills!
  • I have set a new goal to loose 15 pounds by May 1. The babies birthday is May 4 so Im hoping to have it done by their party! I think 5 pounds a month is doable!
  • I have been stopping too much lately! Emma has so many clothes. I am on a spending hiatus until February!
  • I am loving the new show Revenge! Have you watched it? It is so good!
  • I am loving my new blog design done by Tiffany at TKC Designs. You can find her here
  • I am so ready for spring. I really just want to skip winter and fast forward to April!
  • My sister and I are planning a birthday party for my mom! Im so excited about this!

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