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This week on For MOMs by MOMs we are talking about bringing home twins or multiples.  Our hostess this week is  Heather from Just Wait Until you have kids.  ! Please click on over here and link up and share your story! 

My bringing home story is a little different than most because my babies were in the NICU.  Leaving the hospital after they were born was one of the hardest things that I have ever done.  I hated driving away from there knowing my babies were still there. I knew in my head that they were in the best place possible but I still wanted them home with me.

I remember asking the doctors almost everyday when I could bring them home and as the time grew nearer I focused on making my house as ready as possible for them so that their transition home would be smooth. 

I was beyond elated when on June 23 the doctor on duty that day told me that Emma and Levi would both be coming home in a couple of days.  I was so nervous and overwhelmed with the amount of information that the nurses and doctors were giving us.  Advice on schedules, sleeping, breast feeding, etc was all thrown at us in a few minutes.  Clayton and I got everything ready and the night before Emma was set to come home we spent the night in the hospital with her.  They call this rooming in. The babies are without all wires and monitors and its up to the parents to provide their care for at least 12 hours.

To say I was nervous would be an understatement.  I hardly slept a wink and every little sound she made i jumped but overall it was successful.  We got to bring Emma home. I sat in the back with her while Clayton drove us home.  My mom was waiting at home for us and had decorated the front yard. I am so mad that I never took a picture but Mimi had done a wonderful job welcoming us home.  We brought Emma home and got her comfortable.  It was so surreal.

The next we left Emma with Mimi and went back to the hospital to get Levi.  I was so excited to bringing him home too. I loved having Emma home but I didn't feel complete until Levi was home with us.  It took us a while to get situated and to get into a routine.  I was so used to having the nurses there to tell us what to do and I felt like everything had to be done just right, it was a hard transition. Finally after some time I relaxed and we settled into a routine. 

I can't wait to hear about all the coming home stories! 

Emma the night before bringing her home!

 Emma settled in her car seat!

Mommy feeding Emma in the "Rooming In" room!

Levi snuggled in his car seat ready to come home!

First Family Picture at home.

First nap at home in their bed

My sister and nephew came to visit

Thanks for reading our coming home story! You can read the post I wrote when they came home here, here and here. I can't wait to read all the other ones. Click here to link up!

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  1. precious little babies! i can't imagine bringing babies home for the first time straight from the nicu. i think it would have made it so much more stressful ... for me anyway!