So What Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Shannon for So What Wednesday!  If you are new here I hope you will stay awhile and enjoy! 

Life After I Dew

This week I am saying So What! to:

*if I ate three popsicles in like ten minutes. It's too hot outside
*if i still in my pajamas and it's 3 o'clock
*if i let my kids eat dinner in their diapers. I mean it is less to clean up!
*if I sleep late and miss Good Morning America my whole day is off
*if I love all ABC family shows. yes, I am 30 but who cares
*if I am stalling taking way the bottle
*if at any time I have like 46 things on my to do list
*if my child woke up at 5 am and I have had waaay too much coffee already

Alright friends! What are you saying So What! to this week?


  1. lol if I was a sahm i'd be in my pj's all day too! for sure :)
    abc family has the best movies, especially around the holidays. I love that station!

  2. I love the so what about your to-do list. I'm right there with you.