Sunday Social - Week 2

I'm linking up once again with Neely from A complete Waste of Makeup for Sunday Social!  Enjoy and I hope you link up too!

Sunday Social

Favorite movie of all time?

This one is hard! I love a lot of movies but I don't know if I could pick an all time favorite! So here are some that I love:

The American President
You've Got Mail
The Family Stone
Love Actually

Needless to say I love romantic comedies.

Favorite movie quote?

Hmmm, not sure! I guess, "Love Actually is all around" from Love, Actually!

Best movie to watch for a girls night in?

When Harry Met Sally

Best breakup movie?

He's Just Not That Into You!

Favorite celeb eye candy?

Brad Pitt

Which movie stars closet would you want to raid?

Reese Witherspoon or Rachel McAdams

Ok so there you go!  Hope you learned something new about me! 


  1. I absolutely love The American President! Anything Aaron Sorkin is awesome in my book!

  2. Love, Actually is one of my favorites! So many people mentioned it in this link-up, I think I'm gonna have to watch it soon!

  3. Hi! I am a new follower. I am also a lover of romantic comedies too! You have a great blog and adorable babies!

    Jessyka @ At Home with the Galow's