PT and a Weekend Recap

Today we had Levi's Physical Therapy evaluation.  It was interesting but they
didn't tell me anything that I wasn't expecting. Levi does indeed have tortacollis. His head circumference is off by almost 2 cm on the right side.  Because of his stiff muscles in the left side of his neck, his head goes to the right and down a little. This has caused the right side of his head to be flat. Which has pushed his right eat and right forehead forwards.  Ouch. This momma was hoping wait no I was praying that we would go to PT and they would tell me that they could cure this! But no such luck. Why would it be that easy.  The nice PT woman said that she can almost guarantee that my baby boy will need a helmet. Boo!!! 

So we are off to the helmet people on Wednesday.  I spent most of the day looking up ways to make his helmet look cool!  Because my boy must look cool! ha!  The PT who I will now call *Jill said that Levi will now need to come back every week. So we have a standing appointment on Mondays.  She also gave us some fun exercises to do at every diaper change. Umm these are not fun and have so far resulted in screaming.  Ugh!  I hope that these will help his sweet little neck and he will be forever grateful for having a nicely shaped head!

We had a pretty uneventful weekend. Our family including my sister and her kids have been battling the stomach bug! I hope none of you have had it because it was not fun!  On Sunday everyone was feeling a little better so we got dressed up in some Halloween clothes and went to a local carnival.  Of course I did not get any pictures of us there! Oops. I am hoping we will all feel better this week in order to go to the arboretum and see all the pumpkins. I'm dying to get a picture of my babies in the pumpkins. OK so now I rambling so I will leave you with a few pictures!

Emma and Levi before the carnival. Levi has started crossing his arms like that and I think it is so cute!

Levi on the way to PT

Where it all went down.

After PT! Not happy!

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent!


  1. Aww, poor Levi. Once Tillie's neck had softened up a little bit she quit fussing so much when we do her stretches. Maybe Levi will be like that too!

  2. You are a funny girl, changing the names of the innocent! Ha!

    I love the new pic on the blog, and I love those babies! You are alright too. ha!

  3. Oh goodness! I hope you guys get it all worked out. Poor little Levi. At least you're taking care of the issue now. I'm sure he'll be great in no time.