Five Months Old

*Consider yourself warned! This is a long one*

On Tuesday October 4 the twins turned five months old.  Adjusted they are almost two and a half months old.  I'm so very tired of the adjusted age thing but we are dealing.  So many fun things happened during the babies fifth month of life. 

  • We went to a pumpkin patch
  • we went to eat at Firehouse subs
  • we went to babies r us
  • we went to rally house
  • we went to the pulmonologist
  • we had swallow studies done
  • we visited the NICU
  • Nonny, Poppy Butch and Grammy visited
  • we went to Mason's soccer game
  • We had family pictures taken
This was a fun month! I have noticed this month that their are things about the babies that are very similar. They are twins after all!  ;)

  • Both have birth marks on their necks
  • They both sleep with their arms above their heads
  • After they sneeze they both make this funny noise like humming. so cute
  • When they eat they both do this humming sound
  • when they stretch they both make this cute pouty face!
Fifth month fun facts:


  • You have really started smiling this month
  • You started laughing and I love hearing this sound
  • You realized that you have a voice and love to talk and make noise
  • You started sleeping in your crib
  • You love to go on walks
  • You are still cranky
  • You started your breathing treatments this month and your wheezing is getting much better
  • You have had carrots, squash, green beans, sweet potatoes, peas, bananas, and peaches
  • you are drinking 5 oz bottles
  • You are doing better sleep and will go to bed at 8 then eat again at 11 and then sleep until 7 in the morning
  • you still aren't a big fan of tummy time
  • you love the jumperoo
  • you are not a good napper


  • You are getting three teeth and are not happy about it
  • you are really smiling and it is oh so cute
  • you are generally pretty happy
  • you are drinking 4 oz bottles
  • you are a great sleeper. you go to bed at 8 eat at 11 and then sleep until 7
  • you love to swing
  • you love to go on walks
  • you aren't really a fan of tummy time
  • you love to take baths
  • you have had carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, green beans, bananas, and peaches
  • you make this raspberry sound and it is so funny
  • we started calling you sassafras!  because you have gotten quite sassy
  • you are still smaller than your brother
  • you like to sit in the bumbo
  • you like to stand up and you look shocked and proud all at the same time
  • we found out that you need your feeds thickened because you are allowing your food to penetrate your airway

Five month stats: Will be added tomorrow when we go to the dr


Diapers- Size 2
Clothes- 6 month


Diapers- Size 1-2
Clothes- 3-6

Here are a few pictures!

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