My Little Helmet Head!

So you might have figured out by the title of this post that we have had an eventful week. One that involves helmets. Let me rewind a bit.

On Tuesday we went to the pulmanologist for a checkup on Levi's asthma and also for the twins to get their first RSV synagis shot.  I had been noticing that Levi's head has been getting flatter and flatter. I was going to bring it up to the pulmanologist dr and get his opinion. Well he scared the you know what out of me telling me we needed to have this looked at ASAP. He threw around words like tortacollis, helmet, xray, therapy and again reiterated that we needed to get this checked out asap. So when he left the room to go get the shots I called our pediatrician to make an appointment.  PS Levi's asthma is doing well and we were given the go ahead to do only one breathing treatment a day instead of two! Yippee!

So Wednesday we headed off to our pediatrician. She agreed that yes his head is too flat and that he has tortacollis.  Tortacollis literally means twisted neck.  This can be caused from many things such as a bone issue or a tight muscle. We were hoping for tight muscle.  We left the dr with an appointment for an xray and a physical therapy consultation.

On Thursday we went to have his neck xray and hip ultrasound done. (yes, because of his twisted neck his hips are out of line).  Luckily we got word today that everything looks normal structurally! 

On October 24 we go for his physical therapy consultation but in the mean time the doctor gave me some stretches to start doing with Levi. 

We are going to try the physical therapy for a few weeks and if we see no change we will be going for a helmet. Oh joy! Not!  I am not looking forward to this. I do not want my little boy to have to wear a helmet.  I know it is probably going to happen because that what the Dr said so I am coming to terms with it.  I don't want him to grow up with a crooked head and ears. Did I mention one of his ears has been pushed forward because of his flat head. Poor Levi!  So we will tackle this and he will be the cutest little helmet head around! 


  1. I have one that has tortacollis too. She goes to PT once a week and we do stretches at home. There has been talk of a helmet but we are waiting to see how therapy goes.

  2. We have been started therapy about 2 months before J got a helmet. The PT said that even though he was getting stronger he was having to fight his head shape and was losing to turn it the other way. We got a helmet right at 4 months and it has done amazing things to the shape. We are soooo pleased with the results so far. I had the same apprehensions but it is so worth it. J adjusted to it immediately and sometimes cries when we take it off. I would highly recommend getting one, it makes a huge difference and oh my gosh babies are so stinkin cute with them on.