The Dallas Arboretum

So Saturday we decided to make the trek to the Dallas Arboretum. They have some really cool pumpkin things and I was dying to get a picture of Emma and Levi in the pumpkins. Yes, I know I am weird!  So anyway. Before going we did not know that it was family fun day. Ooops. So lets just say it was crowded and twins draw attention. I cannot count how many times I said please don't touch them. They are preemies and can get sick easily. Since when did it become acceptable to touch other peoples children? Anyway.

We arrived and I unloaded the kids, the stroller, their bags, the camera, my purse and me.  We made our way into the arboretum and not two minutes after entering Levi started screaming. Not fussing but full on someone must be killing me screaming. That was fun. People were staring and I was trying my hardest to get him calm.  He literally screamed for a good 45 minutes. He wouldn't eat, he just wanted to scream. Finally I got him calm, he ate and then passed out. Needless to say our first trip to the arboretum was a little rough.  We did manage to get one picture with the pumpkins. So here is the picture I wanted!  Was it worth all the screaming? Maybe!l l

Oh and let me just say God was watching over us because in all the crazy unloading I left the car keys just sitting on the back bumper. Yes, they were there the entire time we were in the arboretum and luckily were there when we got back.  I had no idea that I even left them. Someday I will get better at taking them places!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Did you go by yourself? The pictures turned out great!
    It's hard traveling with twins. There are so many things you have to think about/remember. And the people stopping and touching & asking questions? Drives. Me. Crazy. It wasn't so bad at first but now it's starting to feel like I'm a traveling side show. So annoying.
    I'm so glad I have other twin moms online to connect with.

  2. we went with my sister and her kids as well as my mom. It was crazy so we didnt get many pics! boo! you said it exactly. I feel like a side show. I understand why people are amazed but it can get annoying! Ps.love the embellishology stuff!