wheel chairs, bathroom privileges, and steroids

This week has been a long one.  For some reason the days seem to be going slower.  I can't wait to meet the babies but I want them to stay put till they are nice and fat with powerful lungs.  Today I am 28 weeks. That's right!  28 weeks.  It is nothing short of a miracle that God has performed himself.  When I first found out about my cervix issues the doctor said he didn't think I would make it past 26 weeks and maybe 28. Some of you may know him as Dr. Bad news. I no longer see him but wish I could call him and say look how far we've come.  It is nice to not have the doctors look at you like you are humpty dumpty about to fall off the wall.  Now we are in the long hall to 30 weeks. 

To celebrate my 28th week I have been given a few new privileges.  I no longer have to use the potty chair!!!! I have full bathroom privileges!!!  So nice to have some privacy again! I have also been granted more wheel chair rides for longer periods of time. Yesterday Clayton and I went for a thirty minute wheel chair ride.  It was nice to sit outside and eat ice cream with him!!! 

This morning I had my first "rescue dose" of steroids.  I have one more tomorrow.  These shots will help to develop their little lungs!  Boy those shots hurt like the devil but it is a small price to pay for healthy babies. 

Well I wish I had some pictures to post but nothing right now. I will try to get some soon.  I have been thinking that I am going to start taking pictures of everyone who visits so if you come to visit be warned!!!  Sonogram tomorrow so I will post again if there are any new changes!  Love you all and thank you for the continued prayers!


  1. So glad to hear things are going well and that you are getting to do more "fun" things like actually go to the bathroom alone and go on wheelchair rides outside. You probably never thought in a million years you'd be excited to do those things! :-) You've got such a great attitude and continue to be on my prayer list every day. Hang in there! Those sweet babies will be HEALTHY and in your arms before you know it!

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