Pictures and an Update

Here are some pictures from the past week. Please excuse my no makeup. 

Bentley came to visit again! Love pet therapy! I miss my puppies so much!! 

Sorry this is sideways. Clayton got me some cute twin shirts. Too bad they are already gettting too small.

I got to go for another wheel chair ride., So  nice to be in the sunshine!

This is Clayton's favorite shirt!And trust me Levi is right on my bladder!

My 27 week pregnant belly!

Update:  I had a sonogram on Friday with Dr. G.  Everything looked good with the babies. Levi weighs 2 lbs 6 oz and Emma weighs 2 lbs and 7 oz.  They really grew last week.  I was also told that I am officially dialating.  I am at 1.15 cm.  I know usually this would be not be a big deal if I was a regular pregnant lady but my cervix is also extremely short.  So basically one of three things will happen soon .  I will start contracting on a regular basis (they put me on some yucky medicine to hopefully prevent that), I will start bleeding (meaning that I am contracting), or my water will break.  So basically it is a waiting game now. Ofcourse if I started to go into labor they would try to stop it. Which means I could get more of the dreaded magnesium.  I am hoping for at least 2 and 1/2 more weeks. I really want to make it to 30 weeks. It would be great to make it farther. Clayton thinks they are going to come on May 5 (cinco de mayo) and  my mom thinks they will come on Mother's day. I have no feeling.  Hopefully this week will be quiet .

Prayer requests:  Please pray I will start to feel better. I have had a lot of nausea which isnt helping my weight gain.  Please pray that we will make it to 30 weeks!


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