29 Weeks

Today we are 29 pregnant!  I cannot believe it!  It has been a long road. I have also been in the hospital for 51 days! Crazy huh!  Well our sweet babies might be joining us soon. For the past three nights I have had had crazy contractions.  Each time they give me a shot of something and it seems to help.  My doctor this morning said that she would guess a week or two  but who knows. I go for a sonogram in the morning and they will be able to tell me more as far as dialation goes!  So we will see. I would like to at least go one more week but who knows.  Kudos to all the women who can do labor naturally because I have only had starting phases of contractions and I felt crazy with pain.  Epidurals are for me!  I will be having a c section so I will be getting one anyway!  That's really all the update that I have. I will update once I know more from the sono!  Have a great weekend and please pray for all the tornado victims.