First off Happy Easter to everyone!  I am jealous of all the egg hunts and family gatherings that everyone is getting to attend but I am feeling blessed this holiday weekend. 

I wanted to take this chance to thank everyone who has made my hospital stay more tolerable.  Thank you to everyone who has sent cards, goodies, food, gift cards and come to visit.  It is nice to not feel forgotten in here.  I know how busy people get so when someone takes the time to do something for you even if it is something simple like sending a card it really does a lot for someone whos daily life is pretty boring right now.  Thank you to my Uncle Richard who has sent some amazing food. He is the best cook and I love getting goodies from him. 

Happy Birthday to my dad and my aunt Sophie. Wish I could be there to celebrate with you guys!  Make it a good one. 

Had a sonogram yesterday. It was pretty uneventful which was good.  Dr. G said everything is stable.  He thinks there is a 50/50 chance that I could make it to 34 weeks. Wow! Crazy.  I asked him at what point could I go home and he said not until 34 weeks.  Bummer. I am about ready to break out of here. 

So anyway here are a couple of pictures!

Here is a picture of my wall of cards! Love it!

This is another one of the cute twin shirts that Clayton got me. It's funny because they sometimes do this on the sonograms.
Here are some cute outfits that clayton and I picked out for Emma and Levi!

Here are the adorable baby books my mom got Emma and Levi for Easter and to celebrate my 28th week~


I told you this post was random!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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