So What Wednesday

I've taken a break from So What for a few weeks but we are back saying so what to lots of things. So here is what I am saying so what to today.

So What Wednesday
So what:
- If I stayed up way too late the other night watching a giraffe give birth
-if I had already packed up my kids summer clothes and am having to pull them out because it is hot again
- if I desperately need some winter clothes
-if I am already planning Emma and Levi's second birthday
-if I am dreading a 7 hour car ride with the babies. Praying it goes smoothly
-I am so ready for this election to be over
-if I am obsessed with the new Taylor Swift song! 
-when I check the mail I only get out the catalogs and leave the rest in the mail box
So go link up and share what you are saying So What to this week!

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  1. I'm so ready for the election to be over too...people get so nasty over it!