Dallas Aroboretum

Recently we made our way to the Dallas Arboretum.  Unlike last year we had a great time.  If you are new here or just want to catch up you can read about our trip to the arboretum last year here. It was not so much fun. But I am happy to say this year we had a great time. 

We left our house around 9:30 and headed to the Arboretum. When we got there we had to wait in a long line because ofcourse we chose to go on Columbus Day when a lot of the local schools were out for the day.  Even though it was crowded we had a great time.

The babies (yes, they are still my babies) had an awesome time exploring the pumpkin patch and loved picking their own tiny little pumpkins. We then walked around and explored the Chihuly exhibit. It was gorgeous. I highly recommend going to see it if you are in the Dallas area. 

Finaly we sat down for a picnic lunch. Let me rephrase that. The adults tried to sit down while running around chasing the kids who refused to sit and eat lunch!  After that it was time to head home with two tired babies!  We had a great day and I look forward to making this a yearly trip! 

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