A First Haircut

My sweet Levi has been needing a haircut for some time but I have been putting it off because truth be told I was/am a little sad about it! My baby boy is growing up and it freaks me out just a little. I wanted his sweet little baby hair to stay forever!  But because I prefer my baby not to have a mullet I decided it was time to get his hair cut.  So off we went.

We arrived at one of those kiddy hair salons and in we went.  You would think that the people working there would be good with kids but unfortunately we got the one lady who was a stick in the mud.  If you know anything about my sweet boy, then you know he is a shy one and can be a bit timid. He needed someone who is loving and who would make him feel comfortable.  Oh well, hopefully next time!

Overall it went well and he didn't cry too many tears.  I think it looks good but he definitely looks way too old for my liking! I won't be getting his hair cut again anytime soon! 

1 comment:

  1. OMG!!!! He totally looks like a big boy now! I see why you didn't want to cut it :( He's so cute!!!