Poor sweet Emma has had a few instances when Emma has broken out in hives. The first time it happened it totally freaked me out. We went to the pediatrician and was referred to an allergist. We went to the allergist and she was tested for the typical food allergies such as peanuts, fish, milk, egg, etc. 

All the tests came back negative. We were perplexed but moved onto other things. Once again it happened. The only new food she had eaten that day was ranch.  I called the allergist and she said to stay away from ranch. 

A few weeks later I absentmindedly gave her ranch again. And boom there were the hives.  Hmm. very weird. So once again we went back to the allergist and you better believe that I brought that ranch bottle with me.  They ended up testing her for onion, garlic and straight ranch. Boom! Straight ranch did it! So we have an answer and Miss Emma is allergic to ranch.

We are going back in a few weeks for some further testing. I (and dr. google) are wondering about MSG. But we will also be looking at other things including the flu shot which she has reacted to before. 

So I will keep you posted and if you have any advice about food allergist please let me know! 

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  1. Gregory has food allergies. He is allergic to nuts, straight peanut butter, eggs (cooks, fried, or raw).

    He tested allergic to milk. But we eliminated each item that he tested allergic to that he was allowed and he did not react to milk once we gave it to him again. Gregory's allergist said sometimes you can get a false positive. However Greg can't eat eggs and he can NOT touch raw eggs or he is breaking out so bad. Peanut butter and nuts make him start having breathing difficult. So because of that we have a JR. Epi-Pen.

    I do not cook anything for Greg that has those things. I use fake eggs for him when making cakes, cookies etc. But keeping him out of PB and nuts is easy we just got rid of those items in our house. And we tell everyone we also are going to order him something alerting people in case someone happens to forget.

    Hang in there.