What a Difference a Year Makes

The week of birthday fun has come. I have so many mixed feelings and every time I think of them being one my heart leaps in my throat. Slow down babies. I think because they have only been home with use for 10 months it doesn't feel like they are allowed to be one. Well we have a fun party planned this weekend and are looking forward to celebrating with friends and family!  Each day I am going to write a post about them! But until I can get my stuff together here is a cute picture taken by the wonderful Narci D photography.

What a difference a year makes. Here is a post I wrote last year a few days before going into labor! Crazy to see how far we have come! Here is one of the first pictures taken of my sweet tiny babies. I don't believe I have shared this on the blog but I feel like I should show you all how far they have come.



I am incredibly proud of my babies.  Clayton and I feel extremely blessed for everything that we have.  It was a long road and a hard fight but we would do it all over again to get our babies.  Emma and Levi we love you beyond belief and we will never stop thanking God for allowing us to be your parents! 

Happy first birthday week Emma and Levi!


  1. Happy birthday week Emma and Levi!

  2. My girls are 9 months and I can't believe how time filies! Happy Birthday!!

  3. Crazy that it has been a year! Enjoy birthday week!!