Mother's Day

My second mother's day could not have been better!  Last year I celebrated mother's day but seeing my babies in the hospital. They were only a few days old and the nurses gave me a book that had their foot prints in it!  This year was quite a treat to spend the day with my kids.

 The day started off by Clayton lettting me sleep in. Can we say pure bliss? It was nice to relax. Once I got up I had pancakes for breakfast and opened some sweet cards from the kids. Later we went to brunch with the rest of the family at Christinas. Yum! Who doesn't love mexican food.

After brunch my mom, sister and I went to get pedicures! It was my moms first one. It was so much fun!  I enjoyed getting my feet rubbed on and being pampered!  We definailty sold my mom on pedicures! 

After this I went home and took a nap. Yes, you read that right! I got to take a nap! Bless that sweet husband of mine!  After my glorious nap we had dinner and played with the kiddoes!  What a wonderful mother's day! Oh and I forgot to mention the best part, My fantastic hubby made me these cute handprint plaques from the kids! Love him!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Their little handprints are just so precious!! Glad you got to enjoy :)