For MOMs by MOMs- Introducting Myself

 Hi, Yall!  We are starting our first link up for MOMs by MOMs.  If you are a mom of mulitples please introduce yourself and link up with Heather from Just Wait Till You Have Kids.  Heather is a fellow MOM!  She has beautiful twin girls and she is hosting the link up this week! Our topic is introducing ourselves.

I am Amanda and am the mom of boy/girl twins.  Their names are Emma and Levi. My twins recently turned one year old and our story is one of miracles.  After an extremely rough pregnancy and even harder birth my twins were born at 29 weeks pregnant.  You can read about my pregnancy here and their birth here and here.  After 8 weeks in the NICU my babies came home just shy of their two month birthday. 

Being the mom of preemies has been a learning experience. I never expected this and it definitely has been a journey for us.  Being the mom of twins has been life changing.  Sometimes when asking for advice only another mom of multiples can understand.  This is why we have started this link up. 

After I had my babies and got involved in the blogging world I met many moms of multiples. Some of them have become my really good friends and I love having them for advice!

Anyway, I digress.

My husband who's name is Clayton and I have been together for roughly four years. We've been married for almost two years and got pregnant a few months after getting married during an IUI.  He has been my rock through it all and I cannot imagine life without him.

So anyway feel free to click back and read old posts and leave me a comment so I can connect with your blog!  Hope you enjoy the link up! You can read about the other hostesses here. Megan, Jennifer and our link host today is Heather! Please click over to Heather's blog and link up! Can't wait to learn about other moms of mulitples.


  1. Hey, I enjoyed reading about you and your twins. I feel connected because I have twins and I understand the story. Read my introduction here: http://preemietwinsandme.blogspot.com/2012/05/for-moms-by-moms-let-me-introduce.html


  2. I love all of yall's dark hair!!! Such a cute family!!

  3. I look forward to reading more about your story. I am a new mommy of b/g twins and they were also premature. I TOTALLY agree that it is a ballgame you never prepare for....after having a healthy baby first time to 25 days in NICU and a 7 week adjusted age and waiting for smiles....it has been a roller coaster for me! Nice to 'meet' you! stop by my blog as I hope to post more regularly now.

  4. I've only read a few posts but I can't help but feel like I have lived many of your days...i love that you have the babies adjusted age on their ticker and I have like a million questions about how the adjusted age works out. my twins were 7 weeks early and the waiting on them to 'do' things is hard to watch and praying they will be ok! look forward to learning more from you