The Aquarium

So I'm back tracking a little bit on the blog! Bare with me! On the twins first birthday we wanted to do something fun for them. We decided to go to the Dallas World Aquarium. I think that they enjoyed it!

Arriving at the aquarium!

Family Pic

Levi was fascinated by this giant crab until it moved and he freaked out!

Weird looking fish!


Giant Leopard at the aquarium. He was waiting for his "lunch" to be dropped from above!

Emma and Levi's favorite part was going into the gift shop and getting these little rubber Nemo fishes! ha!

I'm glad we got to do something fun on their birthday!


  1. what brand of stroller is the one in the picture above? Is it a jogging stroller. Thanks so much. Collyar Twins

    1. Hey girl the stroller is a baby jogger city mini select gt. I love it but no it is not a jogging stroller! It is a fantastic everyday stroller!