Someone Hold Me

My babies are 15 months old as of August 4th! Clayton keeps calling them toddlers and it makes me want to hurl!  How is it possible that they are so grown up! Time must stop. I am doing my best to soak in every second with them! 


Weight:18 lbs 11 oz
Height: 29 in
Diaper: Size 3 during the day and 5 at night
Clothes: anywhere from 9-12
Shoe size: 3 1/2
Food: Love most food but isn't a big fan of vegetables. Loves fruit and ice cream.
Developmental Milestones: WALKING!  clapping, blows kisses, waves bye bye, play peekaboo, shakes head no, Stacking blocks, shares,
Teeth: 3 total, 2 on bottom 1 on top

Words: bye bye, momma, dada, wow, whoa, woof, Elmo, boom, boo
Likes: her lipstick, reading books, taking baths, swinging, the dog door,
Dislikes: naps, changing her diaper, veggies, being told no
Sleep: bed around 8 and sleeps until around 8 in the morning. Takes one nap a day
Hair: short brown with curls
Eyes: still blue


Weight: 23 lbs 4.5 oz
Height: 29 1/2 in
Diaper: size 4 during the day and 5 at night
Clothes: some 12 mo but mostly 18 month
Shoe Size: 4 1/2
Food: loves most food. Not a huge fan of cold things like Popsicles
Developmental Milestones: WALKING!, clapping, Staking blocks
Teeth: 6 total. 2 on bottom 4 on top
Words: momma, dada
Likes: his mommy, playing catch with balls, his dogs, playing with the dog door, bath time
Dislikes: when mommy leaves, changing his diaper,  having stuff taken away or being told no
Sleep: goes to bed around 8 and gets up around 8. Takes two naps a day
Hair: long brown
Eyes: brown with a hint of green

This month:

  • Nonny and Poppy visited
  • Emma went to the urologist
  • went to cabelas
  • went to target
  • went swimming at Mimi's
  • Went to Stella's birthday party
  • went to eat at uncle Julio's, olive garden, macaroni grill,
  • went to play with our new friends Harper and Avery
  • Went to play with Kyndall who was in the NICU with Levi
  • Went to play with Mommy's college friends
  • went to the developmental doctor and got a good report
  • Emma went to the urologist

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  1. I just found your blog recently. Your children are adorable!!
    I don't have twins but I am a new mom (my little guy's 6mths old). I was wondering, I love your daughters clothes, but do you ever sell any of your son's clothing??