Are You There God, It's me Amanda!

The other day I asked a question on twitter. This was my tweet:

"When you ask God for an answer, how do you know it comes? Is it the action of another person, a feeling, what?"

Yes, I know it may not be grammatically correct but hey 140 characters doesn't always allow for proper grammar.

Recently I was pondering a new adventure and I was constantly praying for a clear answer.  But I think because of my type A, planner ways I want to hear a resounding yes or no and that doesn't always happen for me. 

A lot of the responses I got from my twitter friends were about a feeling.  They all said that they knew they had their answer from God when they had peace regarding their decision.  This sounded good to me.  So that night instead of just praying for a clear answer I prayed for peace regarding my decision.

Sometimes I wonder about people who say they hear God's voice. I'm jealous.  I feel like I have heard it before but then I wonder if it's me saying what I want to hear.  Does that make sense?  I want to feel like I am having a conversation with God. 

What do you think? How do you know when you get an answer from God?


  1. I really believe you just get an overall feeling of peace. :)

  2. I think it's a feeling too. I've learned the hard way recently that prayers are not always answer for specific things. So now I just pray for peace and strength with whatever I'm going through

  3. I agree that you typically have a feeling of peace but He also speaks to me when I'm in His word. Sometimes it's not so obvious and then other times I feel like I've been slapped upside my head when I come across the answer. I also think he can speak through other people...not like really speak through other people but they will say something that just seems so profound to you or sometimes it's just when they give you a word of encouragement or maybe they give you con's to whatever it is your contemplating.
    Also, something I have to frequently remind myself is that sometimes He will answer but it's just not the answer I'm looking for. I then have to ask myself if I'm truly in His will or my own.
    Sorry, I just started typing and couldn't stop. haha!