For MOMs by MOMs- My Baby Shower

Today for our for our link up we will sharing the story of our baby showers.  I hope that you will hop on over to our blog and link up!

My baby shower was very interesting.  Three days before it was scheduled to be held I landed myself in the hospital.  I remember wondering if I would get out in time for the shower. I had always dreamt of being the pregnant lady with the big ol belly opening up presents. But as luck would have it I was going to be in the hospital for the long hall. I texted and called many people to let them know that the shower would be postponed. 

Many women on bed rest have their showers in the hospital. So once I had been there a few weeks and we thought that my delivery was not imminent we decided on a date to have the shower at the hospital. But of course as luck would have it I went into labor before we could have it!  It seems that I am not supposed to have a shower.

But my wonderful sister and two of my friends ended up throwing me a shower about two weeks after the babies were born. It was wonderful having people there to celebrate the babies.  Can't wait to hear about all the other showers! 

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