A Trip to the DR

Last week one day Emma woke up a lot during the night which is not normal for her!  The next day she woke up with a fever and by lunch time it was 102.6.  I also noticed that she was having a lot of wet diapers.

At this point I began to panic. Because of her history with UTI's it is always a possibility that she will get another one.  I called the doctor and made an appointment for later in the afternoon.

We got to the doctor and while we were waiting in the pretty full waiting room, Emma puked ALL. OVER. ME.  I was horrified.  I felt so bad for her.  A baby throwing up is one of the saddest things. 

Right at this time the nurse calls us to go back. I take a screaming Emma into the bathroom to clean us both up. Of course neither of us had a change of clothes. I cleaned what I could off of us and took her back to the exam room. Poor Emma had to hang out naked and I had a wet shirt. Fun times!

Luckily our pediatrician has really nice nurses. One of the nurses offered me her jacket. I wasn't going to turn it down because the smell was beginning to make me want to throw up! It was like a 105 and I was sweating but I was grateful to not be in the puke shirt!

Poor Emma was not happy!  She hates being sick as much as I do! She feel asleep for about an hour while we were waiting for her to go potty!

So all of this sickness led to an allergist appointment.  The day after we were at the doctor she had broken out in hives. We thought maybe she was experiencing an egg allergy to the vaccine she had just received.  This is a pic of the happy girl at the allergist!

Poor baby had a scratch test! Ouch!

Turns our she is not allergic to eggs! We think she might be having a reaction to a preservative in her vaccines since this has happened twice after shots.  So the plan is to closely monitor after shots and see if we can figure out what is causing these reactions! Poor chicken!


  1. What a sweet nurse to offer her jacket to you. I'm sure you were so relieved. Not that any puke ever smells okay but there is something about baby puke that can just do me right in. *shudders*

    I hate that Miss Emma was sick and that she had a reaction to her vaccines. Poor girl.

    Nikolas and Gregory have had the scratch test and it was very miserable for them.

  2. How awful! I hope Emma is feeling better! Good thoughts to the both of you.

  3. Oh no, poor sweet Emma! Yes, a baby puking is the worst - but especially on the mama! Hope she's feeling better and you all figure out what's causing the reaction.

  4. Poor Emma! Breaks my heart looking at her back.