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Hello all! Today I am writing to tell you about how I started solids with my twins! The fabulous girls that I host this link up with are also writing about this topic!  Please link up on our new blog and share your story. 

When my twins were about four and a half months old we began with solids because of the horrible reflux both of my twins were having. I wanted to start off slow.  We started off doing rice cereal once a day.  At first it was just something for them to play with. It was hard to get them to realize that the spoon was for eating and not for playing. It took about two weeks.  After about two and a half weeks we moved on to oatmeal.  They seemed to like this much better. I mean have you ever tried the rice cereal. Ugh that stuff is gross! 

After doing oatmeal for about two weeks we got the go ahead from our pediatrician to start with veggies. Our pediatrician recommended started with yellow veggies.  I can't remember exactly but I believe we started with squash.  They liked this better but believe me the faces they made were quite funny! I mixed a couple of spoonfuls of squash with oatmeal. We did this for three days to make sure there were no allergies.  After the first three days we moved on to another yellow veggie. After doing each yellow veggie for three days we moved onto orange and then green veggies.

Finally after finishing all veggies we moved onto fruit! This went over much better with the kids. Of course they liked fruits better because they are sweeter. Once we introduced all fruits and veggies we moved to two meals a day.  I would do a breakfast meal and dinner meal. Breakfast consisted of a fruit and oatmeal and dinner consisted of a veggie and rice cereal. Eventually as they got the hang of it we introduced lunch.

Then the real fun started when around 9 months we started finger foods.  I started off slow with puffs and cheerios.  Next we tried peas and other small foods like cut up bananas and green beans.  Once we got farther into finger foods both of my kids started refusing baby food. So eventually around 11 months we were doing all table food. They basically eat what we eat except cut up tiny. 

Early on when we started baby food I began putting a sippy cup on their tray. Eventually they got the hang of it began drinking on their own. 

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them!

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