Catching Up

Hey guys!  I am alive and here!  Last week while working on a new post I spilled a huge glass of water on my computer. Ugh. Luckily after a *small* panic attack over lost pictures and the purchasing of an external hard drive,  we finally got it working again. So here I am catching you up on what we have been doing lately.

We went to meet sweet baby Jett!

Emma and Levi got new shoes!

Emma and Levi got a belated birthday present!

Emma still isn't napping great so this happens a lot!

Clayton and I had a date night and saw a double rainbow!

Love this sweet girl!

Tormenting the dogs!

Making lots of messes!

So now you are all caught up and I know you are breathing a sigh of relief! :) ha!  I will be back tomorrow for our MOMs link up! Our topic is moving onto solids! Hope you will link up!  Also we are working on a new blog! Stay tuned!

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  1. Glad you got your computer working again! Such cute pictures!