Happy One Month Birthday!

Yesterday Levi and Emma turned one month old.  I can't believe it.  I should actually still be pregnant. The babies are 34 weeks gestation.  It really funny that this is what the doctors and nurses ask not how old they are but what week gestation they are. In the world of preemies this is important.  We are looking at 3 to 4 more weeks in the NICU.  I feel like the past month has gone pretty fast so I am hoping the next one will too. I am desperate to bring them home but on the bright side I am still recovering from the bed rest and surgery as well as getting the house ready for these two sweet babies.  I was at the doctor the other day and she mentioned maybe I should be doing some physical therapy.  I am still trying to build back up my muscles that I lost and still feel pretty weak. Especially in my legs which makes doing things around the house hard.  She said that it could take months if not years to build my muscles back up to what they used to be.  Weird. 

The babies have had a big week.  On Wednesday when Clayton and I arrived at the hospital we had a surprise waiting for us.  Levi had been moved out of the isolette and into a bassinette.  I was so excited!  We were told that they would not be able to come out until they were four pounds but because he had been regulating his temperature so well on his own he was able to come out a little early. My little over achiever!!  The yesterday our sweet little Emma girl got her own big girl bed also!  She couldn't stand to be in the isolette if her brother wasn't.

My sweet Emma Girl!

Levi in his big boy bed! 

Mommy and levi in his big boy bed

Emma's Big girl bed. 

Levi's first bottle!

Levi is one month old!!!

Emma in her new bed

Emma is one month old. Notice she and Levi are laying the same in their one month picture!

Daddy being crazy!

Emma has hit the four pound mark!  so proud of my little pumpking

The babies started eating this week.  Right now they can get either bottle or breast twice a day.  Emma is doing pretty well and last night finished a whole bottle. Levi is so laid back and is not interested.  they are still pretty young so it will take time! I am so proud, happy, excited about their progress.  I can't wait until the day when they come home! 

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  1. What adorable babies! Praying they continue to grow and thrive and will be home soon!