A Quick Tour

We are still working on getting everything ready for when Emma and Levi come home.  When we found out we were pregnant with twins we debated about whether or not to put them in the same room.  We decided that we would put the babies in the same room until they grow up a little bit.  I searched for many many hours before and after my hospital stay for the perfect bedding.  It is really hard to find boy/girl bedding that is cute and not boring.  I know, I know that they will have no idea what their room looks like and if they have matching bedding, but for some reason I want their room to be cute.  Here is a brief tour of their room. I didn't get really good pictures.

View from the door.

cute shelf we got at target. 

Emma's name that my mom and I painted!

Emma's crib! cute pink bedding

changing table

cute wall hanging i got from etsy.  This was a pain to put up but it is cute!

Cute curtains my mom made

Levi's crib. Matching green bedding.

Levi's name.

Baby Update:  Emma and Levi are doing well. We are expecting them to come home probably the last week in June maybe sooner.  Emma is eating 6-7 times out of  8 and Levi is eating o4-5 out of 8.  Today Levi was reunited with his sister.  For the past several weeks (I think 4) they have been in separate rooms.  About 4 weeks ago Emma got MRSA.  She does not have the infection just a colonization in her system. which means it is just present in her.  They are having a mini outbreak at the hospital. They don't know how she or the other babies got it.  Well today when I arrived at the hospital I found little Levi in the same room with Emma. It has been hard having them separated and we knew that Levi would probably eventually get it when they came home but we didn't expect him to get it before then.  it is nice having them next to each other and will make our visits much more pleasant.  There will also be more consistency between them which there wasn't much of.  I am happy that both babies are healthy and this is a blip in the road that we will deal with and move on.  Please pray that both babies eat well, stop having bradys, and get to come home soon with no complications!  Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Love your blog! I am so happy the babies are doing so well! I cannot imagine what all you have been through, but I am amazed at how strong you are. Those are some lucky babies to have you for their Mommy!