The Whole Helmet Story

A few housekeeping issues:

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Now on to the helmet story.

I can't remember where we left off last time but here is a little recap. We were trying the helmet. Levi HATED it. I don't even know if HATE is a strong enough word. He cried all the time. Not just crying but screaming, thrashing and pulling at his helmet.  So we were taking it slow trying to ease him into it. Even though the freaking helmet people wanted us to right away have him in it 23 hours a day. They don't have to live with the screaming so we were doing it our way. I was not convinced that the helmet was not causing him pain. Well we ended up missing an appointment because the little guy was sick so we ended up canceling and then it was thanksgiving so yes, we missed a whole week. I know this was probably a bad choice but I am not taking a child who has a weakened immune system out with a cold with the chance he could get something worse.  So anyway we went back this past Tuesday. A long story short we ended up yelling at the helmet people because they were trying to blame Clayton and I for his not wearing the helmet.  Not cool people not cool. So they ended up taking pictures of him in his helmet and sending them to the design team. They called me later that day to report that the helmet was in fact causing him pressure.  So we had two options. One make a new helmet and we would have to pay the entire fee again or stop treatment. Well we are not paying the money again so we chose to stop treatment. So we are trying to be OK with the shape of his head. So there you have it. The Whole Helmet Story!

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