Wednesday Randoms

  • We have officially given up on the helmet. It's a long story that deserves a post in its own. But let's just say there was some not happy times with this helmet.
  • We are still doing PT for Levi. Today his therapist said she is very impressed with his progress! 
  • Levi has finally found his feet!
  • Emma is still feeling fine and we still aren't positive why we spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. 
  • Have you guys watched "One Born Every Minute" on Lifetime. It's on Tuesdays at 9 central time. It is so funny!
  • I am on a mission to figure out what safe baby products to use.With the whole Johnson and Johnson issue recently I want to find products that are not potentially harmful to my babies. J&J should be ashamed of themselves!
  • I have done some Christmas shopping but not much. We aren't getting much for the babies this year. Let's face it they will have no clue that its Christmas!
Here is a photo dump for the past couple of days. I am learning how to do collages so hopefully soon I can do one of those!

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