Our Daily Schedule and My Soap Box

I wanted to blog about our daily schedule so that I can look back and remember what our days were like.So here is what a typical day at the Wilkerson house looks like!

8:00- wake babies up! Change diapers and clothes then have morning bottle

8:45-10:00 play time. Usually we play on the floor. Work on rolling over and sitting and then when they start to get sleepy we put them in their bouncers to play for a few minutes.

10-11 First attempt at nap. I say attempt because we have yet to conquer the blessed nap! Someday!

11:00- /eat lunch. Babies take a bottle and then have oatmeal and a fruit

11:45-1:00 play time

1-3 Second attempt at nap

3- snack which consists of a bottle

5:00- dinner which is a bottle and then rice cereal and a veggie

5:45-6:45 play time and try to keep them as happy as possible as this is when they get fussy

6:45- bath time

7:00- bottle and bed!

Lately the babies have had a hard time going to bed and they have been waking up a bunch. We are working on fixing this problem but usually once they go to bed they will sleep until the morning. Of course their are nights where one or both will wake up!  So this is what our days look like.

Now on to my soap box. I rarely complain or use this blog to vent but I figure this is my blog and what better place to vent my frustrations.  I have to admit that I tend to be an alarmist and I can be a bit paranoid so when I had my babies ten weeks early and then spent two weeks in the NICU I got a little concerned about germs. As we got closer to discharge each and every doctor and nurse talked with us about keeping our babies healthy. We warned about RSV and precautions we needed to take. 

As we've gotten closer to RSV season which extends from November to April we have chosen to take the necessary precautions to help reduce our exposure to RSV and other common illnesses that then to be out there during the winter. Per our doctors guidelines we stay away from large crowds. We do not take babies to Target, shopping malls, restaurants or church. Yes, I would love to be doing these things especially at this time of year but it is just not worth the risk. 

RSV can be a deadly disease for preemie babies especially ones like Levi who have asthma.  I am not willing to spend a few hours having fun  for the chance that my babies would get sick and end up in the hospital. We've done the hospital thing and it is not fun.

The reason for my soap box is that some people have chosen not to respect our wishes. I understand that there are people out there that do not have first hand experience with preemies but please do not question my judgement as a parent. I am only doing what I believe it best for my babies!  OK now I'm getting off my soap box! I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year and remembering the real reason for the season!

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