Thanksgiving Recap

Our holiday week started off like this. Lounging on the couch playing and waiting for Nonny and Poppy Butch to arrive.

On Thanksgiving we got dressed in our turkey shirts and headed over to my Uncle Bubba's house for turkey day. Everything started off great. I packed for like an hour. The babies require a lot of stuff and I wanted them to be comfortable as my aunt and uncle do not have any kids. So the day started off great and everyone was arriving and having a great time. Until all of a sudden Emma started crying. Not just fussing but hysterical, inconsolable, violent crying. I couldn't get her calm. No one could. Nothing we tried would work.

Soooo...... After two hours of her constant crying at home we headed to the hospital. I thought for sure she had some sort of stomach issue and needed surgery or had a broken bone. She was freaking out!! Luckily a baby who is freaking out gets the doctors attention. They ran every test they could think of. X rays, blood work, urine tests. Everything came back normal. I was so nervous and yes, she was still crying.

So after two hours of crying at my uncles and two hours of crying at the hospital they decided to transfer us to Children's as we were at a hospital in Arlington. And lets face it, always take your child to a children's hospital. They know how to handle children. So we got transferred to children's.  After many many more tests and three more hours of crying. Yes, that's a total of seven hours! She stopped. We still don't know why. I think she had a bad tummy ache.  The next day I gave her prunes and needless to say the problem has been solved. Poor thing. We missed Thanksgiving but I am soooo thankful she is ok but man that was one expensive tummy ache.

Daddy and Emma after she stopped crying. Notice the little IV. Poor baby!

Emma in the ambulance. Poor thing. Look at her sleepy sad eyes. She stopped crying for 15 minutes of the ambulance ride. 

This is how our holiday ended. Two happy babies! So thankful for them!!

And just because I'm excited about this I will show you our tree! I love love Christmas time and if I didn't think people would think I was crazy I would leave the tree up year round! Happy holidays people!

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