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Yesterday just plain sucked.  We went to get Levi's helmet and to say he wasn't pleased would be putting it mildly! He screamed most of the way home and finally passed out. He did OK with it until we had to go to the Dr to get their second RSV shot. Yes, I am the crazy mom who scheduled to major events in one day. Never. Will. Do. That. Again!  The Dr said both babies look good and got the RSV shots. Can I just say that I am like every other mom and I HATE to see my babies get shots.  Once again Levi screamed most of the way home! The rest of the night both babies were extremely fussy. Crying off and on and wanting to be held.  We fed them and put them to bed only to have Levi wake up about ten minutes later literally screaming his head off. He was thrashing around and trying to pull the helmet off. Ummm not good. Not good I say. So I went in there got him and tried to get him calm. Thirty minutes later of pure screaming torture I gave in and took the helmet off. He was sweating and just plain mad.  So yea, I let my little helmet head sleep with no helmet. We will try again tonight! So here is the full helmet story!

Last week we made the trek down to the cranial tech office to have Levi's head evaluated. I pretty much already knew he would need a helmet. Two doctors and his physical therapist had told me prior to going there that he would more than likely need a helmet. I still don't know how I feel about this. Of course if he needs it then we will get it but I just really don't want to. I love his little head and I will be sad that he has to wear the helmet. But I am learning that with motherhood things don't always go as planned.

So we went to the appointment. They took pictures and measurements and then came in to talk with me about their findings. Yes, he needs a helmet. He has both plagiocephaly which means a flat spot and brachycephaly which means widening of his head.  The helmet will help to correct most of this. The torticollis will be corrected with the physical therapy and stretches that we are doing at home.

Physical therapy has been going well and I love his therapist. We are continuing to do his stretches at home and his tilt has already gotten better. So we are going to try to stick with the helmet and just may have to ease the poor guy into it. Here are a few pictures of our not so fun day yesterday!

Looking Good!

What are you doing to me mom?

And just because she is so cute!

I needed this yesterday!

My Thirty Days of Thankfulness continued:

6. I am thankful for a mom who loves me no matter what
7. I am thankful for our home
8. I am thankful for my sweet doggies
9. I am thankful for my husband's job which provides for us

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday!

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  1. Aww, poor little guy. Hopefully, he'll get use to it soon. Glad his PT is going well!